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  1. Nothing But Heart - LowC’mon (2012) 


    A few weeks back, David Bowie released a single and video (“Where Are We Now”) for his upcoming album, The New Day. I loved its expansive and unfolding manner as I mentioned here (though I had unwittingly reblogged an unofficial, and thus defunct video).

    This past week, I’ve been listening to Low’s latest album, C’mon, and the similarities are palpable. This here has quickly become one of my favorite tracks ever. The titular phrase is repeated like a mantra but never feels repetitive as the music swells and moves it, unravels it. These similarities are hardly a letdown - if this style of music is something Bowie is keen on exploring in The New Day, then I think we have something great to look forward to. 

    In the meantime, put on a good pair of headphones or just crank up your laptop volume and give this track (and the whole album!) a listen. It’s how I imagine an internal cardiac massage would feel.  

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  2. shortformblog:


    Oh hai new Bowie video.

    In which David Bowie refines what it means to grow old gracefully. Awesome.

    It ends in such an impressively stellar manner. Like, Bowie gets into these broad, huge statements and the instruments just keep unfolding infinitely to the point that you have to fade out. 

    Also, how interesting that the video takes place in a studio, positioning the titular question smack dab in the middle of creation, spatially and chronologically? How haunting, the close proximity of the silent other?

    This was the best way to wake up today - to hear and see something that makes you think and feel. Thanks and happy birthday, David Bowie!

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