Andrew. 21. Wine Clerk
and Aspiring Raconteur.


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  1. I Listen to Early ’90s Indie Every Morning

    I have made two New Year’s Resolutions. One, use people’s names more often. Two, get on Tumblr again. The second one is ridiculous, but I’ve been trying to get in the habit of writing again but every time I sit down by my window with the sun pouring in, a cup of tea or whiskey or last night’s wine on the sill, I get so caught up in the idea of writing that I hardly get anything down. Writing for an audience might be the sort of pressure I’ve been lacking. 

    Anyways, I’ve been listening to a lot of “slowcore” the last few months. I lay some blame on one of my co-workers, who has smuggled Kinder Eggs over the border and thinks he might be dead, since he introduced me to Codeine. Also, it appeals to various ideas I’ve been forming in regards to deliberate action, empathy, and statuary. 

    Sad music’s coming people. Just thought you should know. 

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